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Don’t talk about yourself in the third person

 :: Posted by Jeanette on 09-12-2012

Do you know anyone like that? Someone who talks about himself in the third person? We consider them odd or eccentric. We might even joke about them.

Yet, I see this behavior repeatedly in business writing and no one bats an eyelash. It’s one of the most common corrections I make as a corporate editor. (In fact, it might actually be the most common correction.)

This is a biggie in my book.  Don’t refer to your company in the third person. Say “we,” “us” and “our” for greater impact.

If you really want to connect with your readers, humanize your company even more by saying, “I” in correspondences and wherever possible. Choose someone to represent the department or subject. A person who reads “I” and connects it with a name at the bottom

of a letter will feel as though he’s having a personal conversation with your company’s representative. It gives him hope that someone is listening to his problem and giving him personal attention. Check your form letters. Is there a name at the bottom? If not, fix it.  If anyone at your company had worked on a problem with the customer, then that same person should sign the letter, saying “I did this,” “I will do that,” to follow up on the situation.

Even in marketing materials, avoid third person. Bottom line: Any communication that carries your logo should use “we,” “us,” “our” or “I.”  Third person is no different than me saying, “Here is a blog from Jeanette giving her thoughts on this subject.” Or worse, “Here are Quality Business Communications’ thoughts about how it handles point of view in business writing.”


If you absolutely, positively must insert your company name, then do so as an adjective. After all, that’s how brand names are supposed to be used. “Here’s the QuBComm view on using third person in business writing.” Or, as a less desirable, but borderline acceptable method, you could mix it up and say “At QuBComm, we believe in using first person in business writing.”  But, I would use these methods sparingly — like in your SEO writing or if you have to footnote the full corporate name for compliance purposes.

While you’re at it, use second person to speak TO your reader, instead of third person, which speaks ABOUT him. Say “you” instead of “member” or “customer.” It shows that, not only are you humanizing your company, but you also see your reader as an individual. Together, these techniques will put you face-to-face with your reader instead of high up in a corporate tower looking down on a nameless subject.

And that will help inspire trust and brand loyalty.


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 :: Posted by Keith on 09-12-2012

Universal terrorisme is gedefinieerd als functies van overtreding of geweld, fysiek geweld gemaakt extra politiek-gouvernementele of spirituele ideologieen. Het terrorisme kan bevatten risico ‘ s, geweld, fysiek geweld of intimidatie te dwingen een nationale, party of de hedendaagse samenleving meestal. International terrorisme wordt geleverd in grote vorm voor de aanleg zelfmoord problems en bomaanslagen onbekend landen. Een name de meeste belangrijke en substantiele kritische illustratie tonen universal terrorisme worden September 11, 2001 aanvallen in gevallen waarin leden van een terroristische set beschreven als Al-Qaeda vloog vliegtuigen op Markt Markt Midden in New York. Niet elke terrorisme gebeurd echt massaal, maar toch, en het is common bepalen zelfmoordterroristen uitroeiing burgers als meervoudige mensen locaties globaal. De beste showcase van terrorisme dat kon worden plaats op Islamitische van Irak in aanvulling naar Levant, ook bekend als ISIL, omdat Okt van 2014. Het publiek voornemens is op het omverwerpen van de overheid gewelddadige gedraagt, vooral begeleid op hun rivalen de Shia wat is het andere belangrijke religie op wijk. Terroristen personen deze strekking soms brengen in mensen, vooral van bestemmingen wat ze hebben de neiging aanval realiseren krijgen of binnen help / en advies. Een andere type terroristische symptomen d.W.Z.

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Universal terrorisme zijn de zogenaamde tevens de aanvallen Hotel Taj in Mumbai, India in 2008. Read the rest of this entry »