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Write to the brand every time

 :: Posted by Jeanette on 01-25-2013

It seems many businesses — especially smaller ones — focus all their communication attention on marketing brochures and websites, but none on other materials. That’s probably because marketing (if done well) can bring customers to your door.

But, businesses communicate with the public in many ways. Customer correspondence (form letters), public notices (regulatory disclosures), instructions, reminders, bills or invoices — anything that lands in an existing customer’s hands and carries the company’s name is just as important as those that brought the customer to you in the first place.

While these other materials do not directly earn the company money, they can – and should – help to convey your brand image, especially if you paid good money to develop the brand. Slapping a logo and tagline on communications is not enough. Protect your investment and solidify your brand by making sure all messaging satisfies and upholds any promises implied by the brand or tagline.

In fact, all company activities should do the same: from front-line professionals, store clerks and customer service professionals who answer the phone, to every behind-the-scene employee’s job duties — and actions. The brand should be the way of life within the company. This will earn you more than money. It will help earn your public’s trust, which leads to repeat business and referrals. It’s good business practice: If you make a promise, keep it.

Writers live by certain rules and “Show, don’t tell” is a biggie. While your tagline “tells” your audience what you’re about, your communications are a prime opportunity to “show” your audience that your brand promise is hard at work.

For example, let’s say your tagline is, “We go the extra mile.” Then every communication should actually go the extra mile and include something of value — information, tips, where to go for help — whatever. If your brand is about being “friendly,” “simple,” or “innovative,” then your communications — all of them, even the legalese and collection letters — should be friendly, simple or innovative.

Every communication should deliver on your promise each and every time.

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 :: Posted by Keith on 01-23-2013

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 :: Posted by Keith on 01-17-2013

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