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 :: Posted by Keith on 01-29-2016

Emancipation of girls denotes attempts and ads created for empowering girls to achieve similar liberties and opportunity because their males brethren. One example is, so many civil businesses propel for any admiration of ladies to guarantee that they get match prospects in politics, fiscal and personal workouts. This marketing campaign makes sure that a lot of women can private property, make imperative decisions and likewise take part in leadership. First off, the emancipation of girls will allow for them take part in prime placements. Most communities you should not appreciate females and continually undermine their the level of quality accordingly emancipation indicates most women also should be able to discuss the same proper rights with boys and carry out leaders jobs in societies. Emancipation of women is important in making certain wives get opportunity for management roles throughout the corporation scene and politics, within other areas. Empowering adult females in authority also will attract pure points and new concern to men that forget them. Moreover, emancipation of women implies the society has taken an innovative and wide-ranging part towards improvement which requires the participation of both of them genders.

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Besides, the emancipation of women to control signifies that there may be sex equilibrium in leaders jobs. Read the rest of this entry »

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 :: Posted by Keith on 01-22-2016

When energy radiations reach the top of the planet earth, they get mirrored into the atmosphere. And yet, because they drive outside the earths surface area, they get soaked up by greenhouse gases that eventually re-radiate them in various guidelines. Rays in direction of the top of the the planet endlessly elevates worldwide temps. This signifies that an increase in the amount of garden greenhouse toxic gases leads to substantial atmospheric temperature. This kind of fumes comprise fractional co2, carbon monoxide, methane, nitrous oxide,hexafluoroethane and tetrafluoromethane, and sulfur hexafluoride. Everyday world-wide conditions have been completely within a steady climb over centuries, simply because the limitations of these kinds of fumes have routinely amplified from the surroundings. It happens to be the process that should get often called global warming. All the same, more recent claims have arisen from some scientists your total perception of climatic change is groundless. To substantiate their clams, they demonstrate a selection of specifics linked to atmospheric degrees of greenhouse toxic gases, water acidification, the melting of polar ice cubes, and historic weather styles.

Citing prime references: mla instructor tips – library of congress citing basic suppliers: mla for lecturers selection of congress mla in-content

No matter these cases, climate change will continue to transpire as confirmed by rising quantities of garden greenhouse gases, gathering amount of warm up, refuse in Arctic and Antarctic an ice pack, and disastrous occurrences throughout the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Write better employee newsletters

 :: Posted by Ambre on 01-21-2016

Have an employee newsletter that never gets published – or possibly not as often as you’d like. Don’t let lack of topics slow you down.

Here are our suggestions:

  • Survey results – Any time you survey your employees, be sure to share the results of that survey.
  • Employee value proposition (EVP) – Let employees know what the company expects from them and what they can expect from the company. But remember to “show” and not “tell.” We all respond better to stories. You can use spotlight stories to exemplify the EVP rather than just stating it once a year.
  • Talk to the top – Provide opportunities for employees to communicate with top brass in a Q&A or editorial-style column in the newsletter.
  • Change – Good or bad, you need to keep employees informed or you’ll lose their trust. You can use the newsletter to provide updates ― IF the timing of the newsletter coincides with the timing of the news. (If the timing is off, use another resource or create a “special edition.”) If there’s no source for accurate and timely information during a major transition, employees will listen to gossip and speculation. Then it takes ten times the communication effort1 to set them straight. Tell it like it is. Be prompt, clear and factual, not secretive or sugar-coated.
  • Benefits package – Research shows that employees who understand their benefits package are more likely to be satisfied with them.1 That’s why it’s important to provide complete and clear information during open enrollment. You can also provide year-round cost-saving tips and reminders of plan-related programs and features.
  • Workplace wellness – Studies of successful workplace wellness programs show effective communication is a key feature.2 And 61 percent of employers with unsuccessful programs choose to increase their communications as a means to improve outcomes.3 You can include year-round healthy recipes, articles on popular health topics, incentive reminders, program feature reminders, team challenges and success stories.
  • Safety – Include tips and reminders, as well as required disclosures.
  • Recognition/Success – Who doesn’t love to hear they’re doing a great job? Whether it’s an individual, a department, a region or the whole company, let employees earn bragging rights and then use the newsletter to brag for them.
  • Other – Consider topics that your employees may have suggested or other industry-related topics or news.

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1 Towers Watson. 2010. Capitalizing on Effective Communications: How Courage, Innovation and Discipline Drive Business Results in Challenging Times.
2 Berry, Mirabito and Baun. 2010. What’s the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs? Harvard Business Review.
3 Employer Investments in Improving Employee Health. 2011. Results from the Second Annual National Business Group on Health/Fidelity Investments Benefits Consulting Survey.

How to improve reader response with smarter headlines

 :: Posted by Jeanette on 01-21-2016

Even though they make up a small percent of your overall copy, headlines and subheads are your most important copy. Get them right and you’ve won 75% of the writing game. That’s because most readers merely scan the big copy first before deciding if they want to read on or skip the communication. If the few pieces of big copy don’t draw readers in, then there’s no chance they’ll read the little copy.

BLOT it! That means put your Bottom Line On Top.

If your readers only remember (or notice) one thing as a result of your communication, what should it be?  That one point should be the first thing they read. It should be part of your largest copy.

The largest copy is your headline. In an email, that’s your subject line. Give them the bottom line right in this top line.

For example, don’t start your customer letter off with, “Important Information about your account.” It’s not meaningful and does nothing to lure the reader in. Everything says “Important” these days. Your reader might roll his eyes, assume it’s another privacy disclosure, and toss it in the recycle bin — unopened.

Instead, tell him what’s so important. “Your payment is past due.” “We’ve changed our payment terms.” Or “Here’s your new appointment date.”

Answer the reader’s question, “What’s In It For Me?” 

This is especially important for sales and marketing pieces. We call it “WIIFM.”  To craft a good WIIFM statement, you need to understand what motivates your audience. Remember, he’s asking, “What’s in it for ME?” not “What’s in it for YOU?”

Let’s say your company is launching a new drill. Your customer probably didn’t wake up this morning thinking, “I don’t have a drill. I think I’ll go buy one.” No, his wife has been nagging him to fix something and he needs a drill to do so. He doesn’t want to spend his weekend on this project. His friends are coming over and he wants to get ready for the big game.

He opens the paper and sees your headline about your fantastic new drill that comes in five amazing speeds and eight gorgeous colors. Then he turns the page and sees your competitor’s headline that says, “Precision Drills — Finish your project in half the time.”  Bingo! Guess which drill he’s going to buy.

HIS bottom line must be YOUR top line.

Summarize each new thought in your subheads.

Remember, readers will skim the document. That means they’re reading the headers and subheads, but not necessarily the copy under it. Every time you add a new thought or concept, insert a new subhead. Don’t worry if you have too many. Each new concept deserves a subhead.

I draft the document first before I attempt to write headlines and subheads. The process of drafting the subheads (i.e., mini summaries) helps me to edit the overall document. I can now see how to improve the flow of content, and where I’ve inserted too much information.

Construct your subheads like this:

  • Use as few words as possible.
  • Put the most important (key) words as close to the front as possible.
  • Make them read like complete sentences.
  • Begin with a verb, especially if you want the reader to perform an action.

Make subheads flow like a complete story.

Your subheads need to serve two purposes:

  1. They should summarize the bottom line of that particular paragraph
  2. They must also work together to summarize the document as a whole.

If you delete all the “details” and leave only your subheads, they should flow as one continuous story or list of bullet points because that’s how many people will read them.

Tip: I have found that the first sentence under a new topic often turns out to make a great subhead. (Not always, but often.) Try it before struggling with something else. If that doesn’t work, find the kernel of the discussion within the details. What is the bottom line of that section or thought? Don’t repeat it as a subhead. Pull it out and use it as the subhead.

Headlines, callouts and subheads must work together.

Go back through this blog and read ONLY those elements: headline, callout and subheads. Do you see how it works?


QuBComm (Quality Business Communications, Inc.) is a “plain language” writing and editing service, helping business professionals communicate better with all audiences.

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Macroeconomic balance as the standard idea of contemporary economics

 :: Posted by Keith on 01-20-2016

Macroeconomic balance as the standard idea of contemporary economics

Why balance is very important in cutting-edge economics

In macro economics, the trendy principle the determinants of price of trade is harmony of payment idea. It is really also called the desire and supply Harmony of payments refers back to the assertion of accounts of all economic transactions of a region using the rest of the earth. Just about every nation tends to make economic transactions with other nations of the earth. Harmony of payments is often a statement of accounts of such receipts and payments. Though stability of trade consists of imports and exports of goods on your own, balance of payments can include imports and exports of products, imports and exports of expert services and cash transfers.2In the early 80s, rational anticipations and new classical economics dominated macro financial concept. It began as a research of large scale financial pathologies, extended melancholy, mass unemployment, persistent inflation and so forth. Unsustainably large world wide present-day account (CA) imbalances are greatly found being an important contributing point on the latest global money crisis and economic recession, and also the not enough trade price adjustment to these imbalances is considered as really being partly responsible. The concern about intercontinental imbalances assisted instigate higher concentration via the G20 and IMF on exchange rate flexibility and adjustment.three The choice of trade amount routine and its impact on macroeconomic functionality is certainly one of the several most controversial matters in macroeconomic policy4. Despite the fact that the increase in international imbalances in the 2000s has renewed fascination on the literature on sustainability along with the up-to-date accounts, modest attention happens to be paid out to the connection in between existing account imbalances and the trade amount regime. As being the diploma of exchange price adaptability can have an impact on the flexibility of an financial state to respond to external shocks, just one could argue that a flexible trade price routine is more likely to limit present account imbalances. In accordance to Milesi-Ferretti and Razin5 , the degree of exchange rate adaptability in response to external shocks can have an impact on the power of the financial system to maintain latest account deficits.

The importance of Equilibrium of payment on the macro economics

The necessity of Harmony of payment in the macro economics cannot be overemphasized simply because on the reality that it influences the perseverance for the cost of exchange. In case the stability of payment of the place is unfavorable, its interest in overseas forex will boost and then the price of domestic forex with regards to international currency will tumble. In contrast, in case the balance of payment of a region is favorable, there’ll be an increase in the availability of international forex and therefore the value of domestic currency relating to overseas forex will increase. This can be the way equilibrium of payment impacts improvements in amount of exchange. A country’s active account is equivalent to recent account of the specific within a lender. A favourable current account implies a country’s recent saving and landing electric power. Payments of global financial loans, desire thereon, international support or gifts or investments formed in overseas countries etcetera., are definitely the aspects which brings about transform in demand for exchange, whilst source of foreign trade is motivated via the equilibrium of payments. If supply of foreign exchange is tiny, value of trade will rise and vice versa.six Equilibrium of payment of active account is among the most critical developments of a country’s financial nicely staying. It is usually one in every of the foremost important variables that affect the trade cost dynamics mainly because it contains all influx and payments identified by true and finance transactions in a very provided time period, mostly one yr, of a country with all the relaxation for the The stability of payment could be the outcome of the current account stability and also the funds account. The current account balance signifies a double entry of each of the fluxes of products and services involving states. The funds account data all transactions with capital belongings among a point out and its overseas wife or husband.eight The exchange rate influences the steadiness within the exterior trade equilibrium to be a final result of their relationship. Cooper9 researched the devaluation result over the balance of payments from the creating nations around the world and he determined that in a few quarters within the examined instances, the present account of stability of payments has enhanced for a consequence of financial depreciation. For that reason, countrywide currency depreciation sales opportunities to export expand and import decrease that inside the longer phrase, enhances the steadiness within the balance of payments in a point out. Nevertheless, Birds10 considers security with the balance of payments the result of the currency depreciation doesn’t essentially propose that it’s nearly always resulting from monetary devaluation. Quite the opposite, devaluation can greatly improve the existing account within the equilibrium of payments without owning a major effect over imports.