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 :: Posted by Jeanette on 06-05-2012

Welcome to QuBComm, where we think outside the qubicle. What does that mean? Today’s businesses are moving away from old ideals of corporate writing and jumping in — feet first — to the 21st century of business communications.

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I have seen the light!

As a corporate editor for Fortune 500 companies, I have edited thousands of works written by some of the top business professionals in the country. I know the usual mistakes and pitfalls. And I know how to fix them.


And after 25 years of qubicle dwelling, I know where the writings come from and where they go — from form letters to policy manuals, marketing brochures to websites (even basic emails!) They are typically written by highly skilled professionals who are simply not writers. They learned to write in academia for academia. And I’m here to tell you, the style of writing you learned in college does not work in the business world.


If it looks scary, they will be scared.

Big words and stilted business speak scare people like Joe the Plumber, most employees and your customers. They’ll never get past the headline — assuming there is a headline. If the page has too much text and not enough breathing space, they will not read it. And too many thoughts covered in one breath… (oops, I’m dangerously close to doing that right now.)


Even doctors, lawyers and rocket scientists appreciate an easy read.

Does your phone ring off the hook after you send instructions? Have you ever said anything along the lines of, “Why don’t people read the whole message?” or “They can’t follow instructions. It’s all right there in black and white!” and been frustrated that people aren’t getting it?  If so, it sounds like you could use some help.


Anyone can learn the secrets to effective business writing.

There are tricks to getting people to understand what you’re trying to say, and they don’t teach them in colleges (at least not when I was there). We know the latest secrets. We continue to learn new secrets. We share our secrets.


So make this blog a favorite and visit often. Tell us how you’re doing. We love hearing from you!