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Jeanette Juryea, President

Jeanette Juryea, President of QubComm, has an eclectic mix of formal education from The American Institute of Banking, Penn State, Ursinus College and University of Phoenix, which she gained while working for corporate America from 1980 to 2007. She left her Marketing Communications Compliance Manager position from a national health insurance company in 2007 to start her own writing business, catering exclusively to the employee benefits industry.

She worked as a sole proprietor for the first four years until the demand for her services became too great to handle alone. In January 2012, she created Quality Business Communications, Inc. (QubComm). The name “QubComm” (pronounced “cube comm”) stems from Jeanette’s insistence that clients feel there is someone just over the cubicle wall ready to lend a hand with employee communications — an extension of the Human Resource department.