Jeanette Juryea









Jeanette Juryea, President

Jeanette Juryea, President of QubComm, has an eclectic mix of formal education from The American Institute of Banking, Penn State, Ursinus College and University of Phoenix, which she gained while working for corporate America from 1980 to 2007. She left her Marketing Communications Compliance Manager position from a national health insurance company in 2007 to start her own writing business, catering exclusively to the employee benefits industry.

She worked as a sole proprietor for the first four years until the demand for her services became too great to handle alone. In January 2012, she created Quality Business Communications, Inc. (QubComm). The name “QubComm” (pronounced “cube comm”) stems from Jeanette’s insistence that clients feel there is someone just over the cubicle wall ready to lend a hand with employee communications — an extension of the Human Resource department. The name also speaks to our ability to write effectively by stepping outside of the “cubicle” — or, stepping away from what everyone thinks is normal business language and embracing the plain language movement.

Plain language is critical to all we do at QubComm. It’s not just about accommodating audiences with lower reading levels (although that’s part of it). More importantly, it’s about respecting people’s time. In this Age of Information, we are so inundated with words that few people have time to read. And if people won’t read, what was the point of writing in the first place? An easy read is simply a fast read. Surely, even doctors, lawyers and rocket scientists want to get in, get out and get on with their lives, right?

That’s why our materials will always pass the test for higher readability scores. Besides, health care reform is forcing many changes and employers need to explain those changes effectively to their employees. QubComm is the perfect solution.

Ambre Amole


Ambre Amole, Project Manager

Ambre joined QubComm part time in June 2010, then we nabbed her for full time the minute she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Albright College (Reading, PA; December, 2011). She has a BA in communications with a co-concentration in journalism and sociology. While earning her degree, Ambre won numerous academic awards and scholarships, including the faculty-selected award given to the top student in the communications program in her senior year. Ambre is a member of four honor societies including the Jacob Albright Scholar Society.

Ambre brought an element of lively creativity to the team thanks to her experience with writing about the rock music scene. While she was in college, she worked as the reviews editor for a Philadelphia-based independent music magazine. In addition, she wrote freelance articles for various popular culture publications. And, after working as copy editor for her college newspaper, Ambre says she can take any horribly written piece and turn it into gold.

Dr. Bambi Gaston






Dr. Bambi Gaston, Wellness Program Coordinator

By 2013, we began developing our workplace wellness program and we needed an expert who knew both wellness issues and the psychology of making difficult lifestyle changes. Enter Dr. Bambi.

Dr. Bambi studied the causes of psychological disorders at West Chester University of PA. She then spent three years working in various research and clinical roles at The Aaron T. Beck Psychopathology Research Center and Center for Cognitive Therapy in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. Both departments’ world-renowned research and cutting-edge treatment programs provided ample experiences in assessing diverse populations and finding solution strategies with solid evidence supporting their use.

On to grad school where Bambi spent thousands of hours practicing to use what she learned. Bambi also spent fifteen years on research projects — from large, multi-site NIH-funded studies at the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia VA Medical Center to smaller treatment outcome research at La Salle University. After her residency and graduation, she worked as a clinician and taught courses in psychology at Albright College in Reading Pennsylvania.

Finally, Bambi wanted to extend her care proficiencies to include all the elements of wellness. So, she became certified as a health and wellness coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Bambi’s clinical psychology experiences and nutritional training has made her the perfect addition to our workplace wellness initiatives. 582-4690